Thursday, February 17, 2011

Good morning and welcome to the shitterdome...

 So being the first post i think ill describe what i plan to do here, for a while i tried to keep track of my "bm's" aswell as the general diet i had at the time. it worked well and if i have any requests ill try and post the images from back then 2y or so.  Anyways long story short im going to start doing that, except with more detail, and for the world to see. so  to start us off i will post yesterday's and yesterday mornings movements.

2hrs later....
i had eaten my first batch of vegan "hotwings" after the night before eaten real hotwings.

todays movement hasnt come, im a bit worried ill update when its available


  1. Looks like another "shitty blog". Sorry....It was unavoidable.

  2. what has been seen cannot be unseen

  3. What the hell LOL def was not expecting this XD Gave me a good laugh though XD

  4. can you teach me how to do this? lol so friggen hard for me